Planning Your Wedding During The Holiday Season!

Planning Your Wedding During The Holiday Season! So many awesome apps! I will get so much done!

The holidays can surely be stressful but there are ways to still plan and enjoy every moment of the festive season! To help you out, below I have listed 5 tips to conquer the holidays and keep you on schedule with your wedding planning!

1. Apps on Your Phone!

Use these helpful apps to make planning so much easier! Here are a few that can help you out big time- SEARCH FOR: StyleMePretty (awesome inspiration!), Wedding Planner by Wedding Wire, TheKnot Wedding Planner, Messenger (from Facebook – create groups like bridal party or vendors! Instant communication!), and WeddingHappy (great for budgeting/expense planning).

2. Registry

The registry is a big task and used to require that you go to the store and use that zapper thingy. It would take a long time and everything you wanted was not in the store! Now, you can do it all online or even better through one website! Here’s a few all-in-one registry sites – SimpleRegistry, MyRegistry, and Zola.

3. Save the Dates

Planning a wedding next year? Spring/Summer or even Fall? Well, right now is a great time to send out save the dates. Holiday pictures/postcards/cards are a great way to wish family and friends a “Happy Holiday” but also let them know a super-big day is in their future – your wedding! You can certainly get creative with this – funny, sweet, thoughtful or all the above!

4. Attend a Bridal Show! (or at least right after the holidays in January)

Search for your ideal bridal show and make plans to attend! Sometimes you literally can book all services needed to create the wedding of your dreams at ONE bridal show! Yes, it is true! Where else can you talk to multiple vendors in one location? Which, quite honestly beats the multiple initial meetings with each vendor in each category! Plus, there are usually some awesome giveaways and discounts offered at bridal shows – check out my post – Be the Expert at the Bridal Show. Do These 7 Things!

5. Regroup, Organize and Focus

If you are planning for a wedding next year, take this time to narrow your Pinterest board and really decide what is important to you. So many ideas are out there, even more amazing color combinations; so take this time to reflect and really hone in on what you want your special day to look like. There are websites that help with all of this – Pinterest (obviously!), WeddingWire Color Palette Generator, etc. Check out some of our amazing Pinterest Boards!


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