3 Ways to Add the WOW Factor to Any Venue

3 Ways to Add the Wow Factor to Any Venue! #1 and #3 are my favorite - really took my reception to the next level! Love it!!!!

Have you booked a venue that is lacking style or perhaps a little dull on the decor?

You may have imagined how the greatest night of your life would look, or at least seen images of it in magazines and on TV. Everything looks flawless and you find yourself daydreaming about all of the details that you would see as you entered the reception as a newly married, bride and groom.

Unfortunately, you have booked a venue that is less attractive and missing some important decor components. I have come up with three ways you can make a big impact and bring in that WOW factor to any space.

1. Set the Mood – Add Lighting!

Uplighting is a popular way to create immediate and dramatic results by adding ambiance to a space. Uplighting is comprised of small LED lights of a particular color that shine up the walls from floor to ceiling. The color chosen reflects off the walls and illuminates throughout the room, giving it a beautiful glow!
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Another great way to romance the space is adding string lights. Whether it be bridal lights wrapped around pillars and/or draping behind the head table, or the cafe/globe lights strung above the dance floor, these little lights can make a magical impact.

A third way to help create a mood and is less expensive is adding candles, floralytes, or mini fairy lights to your table centerpieces. When guests walk into the room, these little additions will be visually appealing and create a feeling of enchantment.

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2. Dress Up Your Tables!

Choosing the right items for your guest tables can make a big difference. Your venue most likely comes with tables and chairs and maybe white linens as well. Bring in some color by renting chair covers with a sash and/or add a runner or overlay to really make the table punch. Some sites have great pricing for purchasing linens, so if you have the manpower to set them up, you can really save some money!

Don’t forget about centerpieces! When I enter a wedding reception, my eyes go directly to centerpieces on the tables (aside from the yummy cake of course!). Along with adding lighting (candles or floralytes) to the guest table centerpieces; the flowers, trees, books, picture frames, or other items in the center of the table can make all the difference. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a great centerpiece and there are plenty of ideas out there to assist you in purchasing/renting/creating on pinterest. The rest of the table can be all standard choices (white table linens, white napkins, plain banquet chairs) when you have a great centerpiece.

3. Personalize!

This doesn’t mean adding your names to everything. Adding your first names or a last name initial to drink napkins and/or party favors is just one way to make this one-day-extravaganza special. Find other ways that represent you as a couple to include in different parts of the reception. A few examples include; creating a satellite bar featuring your favorite drink, providing a food station with your favorite snack like tacos or mini burgers to address late reception munchies, or adding a gobo/monogram light on a wall or sticker for the dance floor.

The Transformation

Using just these three tips can dramatically change the look of your space in a big way! We have all seen the standard hotel ballrooms, community centers, or other spaces that are a blank slate. Let me tell you… When I have implemented these three elements, the venue had literally transformed and was now filled with warmth, originality, and represented the couple in the best way possible!

P.S. Within this post, I have added some links to help you achieve your desired look. The companies I have referred have good pricing and have been companies I have personally worked with or I have heard good things about – check them out!

Does your wedding venue have the WOW factor?


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