33 Wedding Venue Questions (Make Sure You Have ALL Answered!)

 33 Wedding Venue Questions (Make Sure You Have ALL Answered!). So glad I had these with me to see my venue!
Did you know that there are so many things to ask when you do a venue visit? There are a lot of things you need to know before signing the contract and securing the space where you will celebrate your commitment to each other. Be sure to know exactly what is expected and allowed with these helpful questions below!

Booking Questions

  1. How much is the deposit to book the location?
  2. Does a contract need to be complete? What information is required?
  3. Dates still available for booking?
  4. Minimum amount of guests required to book?
  5. Amount of hours included with booking the space?
  6. Ceremony space available? Location for ceremony included in rental cost?
  7. Cancellation policy?

Catering Questions

  1. On-site caterer or can an outside caterer be brought in?
  2. If catering is at venue, when are final guest counts due?
  3. Is there a tasting? When is this booked? How many people can attend?
  4. Who is the point contact before the wedding? Who is the contact the night of the wedding?
  5. What is the gratuity/service charge?
  6. What is the tax percentage?
  7. Linens that come with catering? Upgrade costs?
  8. Do you allow leftover food to be boxed up to take home?

Alcohol Questions

  1. Is alcohol permitted in this venue?
  2. Can you purchase alcohol outside of venue or through the venue?
  3. Cash/Hosted/Open Bar options?
  4. What is the additional costs for bar service/bartenders?

Outside Vendors/Caterers Questions

  1. Do they allow outside vendors (lighting, linens, etc.)?
  2. The decoration policy (candles/open flame, glitter, bird seed, tape, etc.)
  3. When can vendors come in to decorate (florist, lighting person, linen, etc.) and when must items be removed?

Payment Questions

  1. How much is the amount to rent the venue?
  2. When is the full payment due? Or what is the payment schedule?

Other Questions

  1. What are the parking options for guests?
  2. Additional charges (damage charges, late fees, etc.)?
  3. Cost for additional hours booked at venue?
  4. Other rentals available (pedestals, pillars, backdrops, ceiling drapery, etc.)?
  5. Rehearsal Dinner options – free room for night before?
  6. Is there staging available for the head table/sweetheart table?
  7. What will setup include? Will the venue employees put out the favors or any decor?
  8. Style of tables? Layout options?
  9. Security guard costs?

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