I am so excited to introduce you to one of our sponsors who we have fallen madly in love with: 4LovePolkaDots

This amazing company creates wedding invitations, supplementary wedding stationery and other accessories.
Each product is completely customized and handmade, and each design is inspired by nature and colors. They specialize in rustic, boho themes as well as elegant, vintage styles. Hello! Gorgeous right?
Guess what else? They don’t stop at stationary, you can also find wedding guest books, ring bearer pillows, boxes and more! It is literally a one-stop shop for so many of your wedding needs and it all coordinates beautifully!
Be sure to check them out and find your perfect style with 4lovepolkadots!

Below are just a few designs in their floral botanical wedding invitations collection! As you know, invitations are the first piece of the wedding that guests will see and set the tone as to how the rest of your wedding will look. There is no doubt that these styles will make a lasting impression!

These romantic flowers make such a statement! 

01bccz1 01bccz2

02bccz2 02bccz1

My personal favorite collections – they have me swooning! (Seriously, can I have another wedding! 🙂 )

003bccsz1 003bccsz2

04bccz1 04bccz2

I can see the whole wedding centering around these gorgeous invitations – the centerpieces, the bouquets, the dress, the decor – Everything! WOW!

01wcgslin2 01wcgslin1

04wcgslin2 04wcgslin1

03wcgslin1 03wcgslin2

02wcgslin2 02wcgslin1

And seriously! Look at this attention to detail…. Lace, twine, detailed graphics of the flowers, the initials and name tags… OMG! I wish this company was around when I had gotten married – Who wouldn’t want to get this invitation in the mail?!?!

002bccsz2 002bccsz1

03bccz2 03bccz1


There’s MORE………

We can’t say enough about how much we adore the designs of 4LovePolkaDots!

Check them out for yourself, I’m certain you will be as impressed as we are! 🙂


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