5 Reasons Why Hiring a Wedding Planner Should Be the First Thing on Your List!

5 Reasons Why Hiring a Wedding Planner Should Be the First Thing on Your List! Save Time & Money! I am definitely doing this!

Do you enjoy the stress of planning? Love the endless lists of things to do? How about scheduling with the 10 different vendors just to find the perfect cake?

Of course, you don’t! But this is the reality of wedding planning. That super special day takes a lot of work! There really isn’t an easy way around it….Oh wait – YES,THERE IS! Hire that wedding planner! Below are some pretty fantastic reasons why you should absolutely hire a wedding planner as the first thing on your list (after getting engaged).

1. Special Pricing

Wedding planners are connected to many professionals in the industry and many times they will know what deals and special pricing that are available. These deals may not be posted on websites or discussed initially with a potential client but since the planners are referring clients, the vendors may let them know of these secret offers. Like many industries, the wedding industry is also about who you know and the planner is a good person to make those connections.

2. Save You Time and Money

How much time have you already spent trying to find the right venue or photographer? Not only are you looking for someone to match your style and personality but also someone who fits within your budget. The wedding planner can make this search so much easier! Because of their interactions at different venues and events, they will collect information on the many vendors they run into and categorize them by the different budgets that their clients are held to. Although websites can be helpful with this search, the planner is the ideal resource in finding you exactly what you want.

3. Honest Referrals

Maybe you wanted an artsy photographer? Or perhaps, you wanted a very organized floral designer so that every detail was perfect? The reviews and reputations of vendors are communicated to these wedding planners. Complaints as well as compliments spread around the industry rather quickly and you as a bride or groom will not hear these before the booking, without the help of a planner. Do not make the mistake of hiring a professional who appears to look perfect on their website, only to find out (after the fact) they would not live up to your expectations.

4. Simplify the Planning

One of the most important jobs of a wedding planner is to arrange the meetings with vendors, contracts/payments, and schedule for the bride and groom. It would be ideal if there was just one place to go that offers every single wedding service and rental item; the caterer, florist, lighting professional, linens, invitations, etc. In reality, there are usually 5-10 vendors involved that will come together to create your vision. But wait! There technically is one place you can go to coordinate them all – the planner!

5. Stress Free Wedding Day

You may have seen it… The frazzled bride on the day of her wedding. Nerves are high because it is just ONE day and thoughts running through her head consist of whether the DJ/Band shows up on time, if the photographers are in the right place, or if the flowers are as she had designed and on the guest tables. All are very important pieces to making your day amazing and they very much should be perfect! The truth of the matter is that, although it comes together (usually) in the end, sometimes it is a long journey of mishaps. Don’t take on this stress – let the planner handle it!

Hiring a Wedding Planner

Wedding planning is tough…downright stressful! Let someone help you; who can stop you from making big mistakes and actually save you some money! Sure, there may be costs that come with hiring a planner, but nowadays the planners have a lot of options to fit your budget. Enjoy being engaged and enjoy your special day to the max  – – – hire that planner!

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