10 Special Ways to Keep Lost Loved Ones Close on Your Wedding Day 10 Special Ways to Keep Lost Loved Ones Close on Your Wedding Day. Loved #7 - This will be such a special addition to our wedding! Miss you Mom!


Paying tribute to those who are no longer with us can be an important part to include on this very special day in your life. Below are a few special ways to keep loved ones close to you.

1. Save a Seat at the Ceremony

Hang a framed photo or name plate in a seat in remembrance of this person. They are sitting right there with you!

2. Burning Candle with a Sign

“Burning in loving memory of those who are forever in our hearts” is a beautiful sentiment that could be put in a frame or written on a sign beside a tall candle burning. It’s simple but makes a big impact.

3. Favorite flower in a bouquet, centerpiece or as an offering at the Church (if religious)

My husband’s grandfather passed away a few months before our wedding. Since we were having a catholic ceremony, as tradition in the ceremony we offered flowers to Mary and chose his favorite flower; a yellow rose. You can also incorporate this in bouquets, boutonniere’s, centerpiece, etc. Every time you look at them or see the flower, you will think of them.

4. Balloon Release or Chinese Sky Lantern Release

Add special little pictures or messages to these and include your wedding party or entire wedding in a release. Very sentimental way to watch these float to the sky in remembrance of a loved one.


5. Wearing a Piece of Jewelry, Hair Pin, or Brooch

How special is it to have something that someone else wore who is no longer with us? Whether it is a special brooch, hair pin, ring, or necklace; attaching these special mementos to a bouquet or wearing it yourself is a wonderful tribute to that special person.

6. Favors

Add a little note to your favor (In memory of) so that all will take a few seconds to remember someone. Also, you could have favorite things like a cigar bar for a lost Grandpa or special desserts only Nana could make as a table at the reception.

7. Small Photos Attached to Bouquet/Boutonniere/Cuffs

These are just beautiful – love this idea! Small photos pinned to the bouquet wrap or hanging down from the boutonniere or even made into cuffs – how precious! A photo says so much and will certainly bring back the emotion of how much you loved this person. It will feel like they are right there with you! Click here to purchase a affordable charm! Or click here for a cute set of charms.

 8. Memorial Table

Probably the most common but a beautiful way to celebrate their life. Photos, flowers, candles and more will make this table a special part of your reception to remind you lost loved ones are close and looking down on you.

crystal tree 1

9. Sew a Piece of clothing from Lost Loved One into Your Dress

Perhaps in the shape of a heart cut out a piece of your favorite flannel or sweatshirt or anything else from the person that is no longer with you. Then sew it into the underside of your dress or even add it to your bouquet wrap. Be sure to snap some photos with your photographer to also capture the sweet sentiment.

10. Ceremony Program

This is a great place to list loved ones who are no longer here. Add a quote or beautiful phrase and it is a perfect way to include them in the special day.

How would you incorporate your lost loved ones in your wedding?

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