5 Crucial Things to Know When Booking a Wedding Florist!

5 Crucial Things to Know When Booking a Wedding Florist! I never knew about #4! Wow, really good advice!


Libby, Owner of Flowers by Libby, reveals the most important things to consider before you book your wedding florist! She narrowed it down to 5 crucial things to know so that you will have a great experience with a florist who will match your unique wants and needs on your big day!

1. Do Your Research

When picking a florist research their website and social media pages. Be open and honest about your ideas and expectations. There are many ideas on the internet for centerpieces and bouquets but many times these ideas are not realistic. Anything can be made for a picture (lasting a few minutes) but does not mean it will last all day for your big day.

2. Schedule an Appointment

To save time and confusion, colors and ideas should be brought to a consultation.

3. The Budget is Important

Have a budget in mind. Most florists would rather know right from the start the budget they are working with so that they do not suggest something that is not affordable. Florist Libby, from Flowers by Libby, reassures “I will make sure every bride is within her budget but may not be able to use a specific flower she wants. I always have a second suggestion when possible.”

4. Every Flower is Not Created Equally

Flower color and quality is not guaranteed. If your florist does not tell you that, then they are not trustworthy. Florists are at the mercy of the season and the growers. If your florist tells you this ahead of time then their will be no misunderstanding or disappoint on your big day. “I will let all of my brides know that if a flower comes in that is not of good quality for their wedding, I will not use it,” the florist affirms.

5. In Writing and In Person

All quotes should be in writing and many florists require a deposit and then a final payment due closer to the wedding. The flower designer, recommends having another sit down meeting closer to the wedding to go over everything (in case of changing ideas). Be sure to ask your florist about the additional meeting before you book your wedding with them. You certainly do not want to book with a shop that will not give you the attention you deserve.

What questions do you have about booking a wedding florist?

Photo Above: Bouquets designed by Flowers by Libby containing vibrant pink and orange mini gerbs, lilies, pink and orange roses, green amaranths, crystals in a cascade.

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