Be the EXPERT at the Bridal Show! Do These 7 Things!

Be the expert at the bridal show! #2 saved me so much money! Love these tips!! Saved me so much time!!


Are bridal shows intimidating to you? Where to go, who to talk to, what is the real benefit of these crazy bridal events?!?! Do not fear, I have the 7 things that will allow you to be the expert at the bridal show!

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1. Freebies

Right as you walk in the door, be sure to pick-up your welcome tote bag/goodie bag. These bags consist of advertisements, coupons, pens, samples, and lots of information! This is also a great item to store information when you talk with vendors that you like (and get their business card). After the bridal show, be sure to go through this bag because chances are there might be information from vendors who were not in attendance and may be worth checking out!

2. Discounts

This is the BEST reason to attend any bridal show. Discount coupons can be found in your welcome bag and on the tables of vendors. Also, you might be able to score a special discount when you are talking with a vendor. Be bold and ask them about discounts or try to work out a deal. Make sure to have them write down the special offer on something (even a business card) so you can hold them accountable.

3. Talk to the Professionals

This is one rare opportunity where several vendors of each wedding area are in one location. So, if you are talking to several photographers, feel free to bring up the special offer you saw somewhere else at the show and see if they will match it! It may be helpful to bring a list of what you still need for the wedding so you can hit those vendors first. Don’t be passive and just walk around and pick up information – engage! Talk about your vision and put in the time to make sure they are good fit for what you want. If you find that you like someone in one area (like chair covers/linens), see if they can make a referral to another great company in another area (like the cake or a florist).

4. Fashion Show

Make sure to work your visiting with vendors around special features like the fashion show. The fashion show will help you see real brides in dresses. If you haven’t gone dress shopping yet, this can help you see the different body types and how dresses fit and flow. Be sure to take notes on styles and details of dresses you like (or dislike). The fashion show will be showcasing trends, colors, and dresses that will wow the typical bride.

5. Eat & Drink

This is a special event so be sure to try out the food and drink (yes, champagne!)! If the bridal event is at a venue where you plan to host your special day, most likely some of the food displayed will be options for you – pay attention to what you like! If this is an event held at a neutral location, there may be several catering companies – even if you are not looking for one, be sure to enjoy the goods! This is a happy time! Don’t forget to get the cake samples!

6. Prizes

Do you want a free honeymoon? Yes, you could win that at a bridal show! Honeymoons, cakes, lighting, floral arrangements, menswear, gift certificates, and more! Enter the drawings and stick around for when they announce winners! This is usually a big draw for couples so most bridal shows really amp up those prizes.

7. Ideas

Last, but certainly not least, the ideas are in abundance at a bridal show. Centerpieces, cake designs, lighting, drapery, linens, favors and more are showcased at these wedding events. Take pictures and make notes of things that stick out to you as something you might want to do on your special day. Look through their display books and talk with the professionals about any ideas you saw on pinterest or came up with on your own.

Keep these 7 things in mind and you will become the Expert at the Bridal Show! Go get em!


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