5 Creative Ways to Pick Your Wedding Colors


5 Creative Ways To Pick Your Wedding Colors! #2 was genius!

Do you know how incredibly important the colors in your wedding are?!?!? SUPER important!
The colors you choose to have in your wedding affect your invitations, bridesmaid dresses/groomsmen attire, flowers/bouquets/centerpieces, table and chair linens, event lighting, and even the mood of the reception. See, I told you colors were important!

So, how does one pick their wedding colors? Well, colors are usually one of the first things you decide – maybe after your set a date and pick a venue. It can be challenging but trying out these creative ways may make it a lot easier and help get the planning process rolling.

Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter

Yes, those season can sometimes help you make decisions as to which colors to choose for your wedding. Are you purposely having a Fall wedding to bring in those warm reds, oranges, and browns? Or do the light and cheerful colors of Spring grab your attention? Look-books and even Pinterest will highlight colors of the seasons so pay attention and something may grab your eye.

Paint Store Swatches

Look at all those colors! So many, right? Just like if you were designing a room and picking colors, those swatches on the wall can be super helpful and inspiring! Try a few different combinations and see how they fall into place as you plan.

Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

Turns out certain dresses and certain designers may have limited color options. So, the number of purple, blue or any color of hues may drastically be cut down once you have selected a bridesmaid dress. So, take those girls shopping and figure out the bridesmaid dress so that you will know the color palette early on!

Floral/Craft Store

Once engaged, I started at a craft store and looking at the silk flowers. I actually selected a few options to see how colors would look together. Putting flowers together was really fun for me and I could take them to appointments to see if linens, bridesmaid dresses, and other color-related items would fit into the hues. Not to mention browsing the craft store helped me with other ideas related to the wedding.

Venue Decor

Does your venue have gold drapes and red and gold carpeting? Maybe other distinctive colors that are hard to avoid? Sometimes… it may be easier to stick with the already laid out color scheme of your venue. If those colors are not your taste, maybe finding colors that will compliment or block out those of the venue will be your route to go. Once you get linens on the tables and centerpieces and maybe some lighting, all else fades away so don’t worry too much about the venue’s decor if you aren’t in love with it!

What are the colors in your wedding and how did you come to choose them?


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