Date Your Fiance (Keeping It Hot While Planning Your Wedding) The Date: Budget Planning. Such a great idea! These make wedding planning so much more fun!

What is Date Your Fiancé?

Becoming engaged is a festive and exciting time! It is a magical feeling knowing that you have found the one that you will share memories with for the rest of your life. But sometimes, that all comes to a screeching halt when you begin the wedding planning process. It can certainly be time-consuming and overwhelming when handling all the details for one very special day. The Date Your Fiancé series is to take the stress out of the planning and add the fun back in! It is super important to continue to date and have fun creating new memories during this time. The intention of these dates is to continue to spark the passion between the two of you while making decisions for your wedding day!

Date Your Fiancé: Budget Planning

Budget planning for a wedding can be very stressful. Several tasks in planning are fun, but this one can be unpleasant. However, although it’s a difficult topic, it is important to discuss each area of the budget so that you can stay on target with your financial goals.
For this date, you and your fiancé will be dining in. Please think of favorite snacks and appetizers that you can make or buy together. After making up your “meal” for the evening, you will both go through each area and start laying out a budget.


1. Set a date that week/weekend to create the appetizers and discuss.
2. Make your shopping list of items you will need for your appetizer/snack dinner.
3. Plan a time to go to the grocery store together and buy everything.

The Date: Staying in.Yummy food.Plan that budget

1. Create/prepare the snacks/appetizers/meal
For me, food can be very comforting for just type of conversation. I enjoy creating and sharing favorite or new recipes with my significant other. Appetizer options like dips, bruschetta, lettuce wraps, hummus (basically finger food) would all be top choices for me during this date.
2. Print off or access your favorite budget planning guide. There are many resources out there online that can calculate the totals for you or print off to discuss. Feel free to use the one we have create —–> Wedding Planning Budget Worksheet (be sure to grab a calculator).
3. Print of this sheet —–>Wedding Planning Needs vs Wants Worksheet
This sheet will help you determine what you can’t live without versus the extras. It may help as you plan a budget because you both with need to discuss your vision for the special day (which definitely impacts how you spend the money in each area).
4. Now, since this is a stressful topic, perhaps first discuss where your budget is coming from (who is paying for the wedding?). Then each of you contribute to the Wants vs Needs worksheet. Then, based off those needs start filling in what you can on the budget worksheet. On our specific worksheet, there are percentages that help you determine roughly how much of your budget you should be spending on that particular area. This is a guide so make adjustments as needed. Note: Sometimes, it is hard coming up with the big budget number so working backwards filling in the amounts first may be a good approach.
5. In between each budget area, be sure to reward yourselves and take a break to enjoy a bite or two of your ]yummy meal. Before you know it, you will have discussed all areas and roughly planned out how you will spend the money to pay for the wedding. This will be an ongoing project as you make purchases and get actual costs provided from vendors. Feel free to plan a second “budget date” if you need to revisit this area.
6. Congratulations! You did it! One of the toughest discussions to have and  a portion of wedding planning has been completed! On to the next date!

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