Date Your Fiance Pick the Venue. (Keeping it Hot While Planning Your Wedding!) This is brilliant! Loved how it took the stress out of picking our venue!

What is Date Your Fiancé?

Becoming engaged is a festive and exciting time! It is a magical feeling knowing that you have found the one that you will share memories with for the rest of your life. But sometimes, that all comes to a screeching halt when you begin the wedding planning process. It can certainly be time-consuming and overwhelming when handling all the details for one very special day. The Date Your Fiancé series is to take the stress out of the planning and add the fun back in! It is super important to continue to date and have fun creating new memories during this time. The intention of these dates is to continue to spark the passion between the two of you while making decisions for your wedding day!

Date Your Fiancé: Pick the Venue

The venue is one of the very first things you book once you become engaged. It certainly is a big deal! This will be THE place that you will celebrate your lifetime commitment to each other! The venue will determine a lot of things; your decor, amount of guests, the food, and even the vibe of the night. Also, the venue will be chosen based on your needs and wants in a location. This is certainly a wedding planning to-do that you do not want to take lightly! The date to “Pick the Venue” will be a relaxing picnic at the park or beach or where ever gets you out of the house and enjoying the outdoors.


1. Print of this sheet —–> Wedding Planning Needs vs Wants Worksheet
This sheet will help you determine what you can’t live without versus the extras. It is important that you both write down what you feel is an absolute must for the venue you desire. Write down things that describe the location (barn, country club, large, intimate, fancy, casual, and other words). Also, write down things that you need/want that come with the location (on-site catering, off-site catering allowed, lighting included, ceremony location included, table linens, centerpiece options, etc.). After you each complete each side, come up with your list of compromises and things you can definitely agree on.
2. Go on WeddingWire, The Knot, or any other large wedding website that lists the venues in your area. Those websites can give you some basic information and usually include reviews. From there, narrow it down to 3 places (or less) and schedule a walk-through/visit. The venues will provide you with a lot more information during these visits. Take lots of notes and be sure to ask a lot of questions. (Here is a post on Wedding Venue Questions)

The Date: Picnic at the Park/Beach/Outside Location

1. Head to the store – grab some ready-made items that you both will enjoy. Another option is to grab your favorite take-out. No prep on the meal for this date (plenty of things to think about for this one).
2. Bring your information/folders/needs vs wants worksheet and anything else that will help you decide which venue to choose. Go to your favorite park, beach, or outside location. *Don’t forget a blanket and some beverages!
3. Discuss each venue you had visited. Chances are one will stick out more than the others but if not make a list of the pros and cons of each location.
4. Make the decision! Call the venue to book – yep, right there and then (if they are open). Venues book up quickly so don’t wait on making that call once you’ve made up your mind.
5. Enjoy the atmosphere, dinner, and each other of course! Take a walk and appreciate the comfort of having checked off such a huge item on your long list of wedding to-dos.

On to the next date!

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