Date Your Fiancé: Unique Wedding Decor

Date Your Fiancé: Unique Wedding Decor. Keeping it Hot While Planning Your Wedding! My favorite date so far! Wedding Planning Can Be Fun! :)

What is Date Your Fiancé?

Becoming engaged is a festive and exciting time! It is a magical feeling knowing that you have found the one that you will share memories with for the rest of your life. But sometimes, that all comes to a screeching halt when you begin the wedding planning process. It can certainly be time-consuming and overwhelming when handling all the details for one very special day. The Date Your Fiancé series is to take the stress out of the planning and add the fun back in! It is super important to continue to date and have fun creating new memories during this time. The intention of these dates is to continue to spark the passion between the two of you while making decisions for your wedding day!

Date Your Fiancé: Unique Wedding Decor

Finding and/or creating your own wedding decor is quite trendy these days. With Pinterest providing inspiration, many couples are purchasing recycled or vintage items to use in their decor for the wedding. The Rustic/Romantic movement is a style that has definitely taken this idea to a new level and adds so much character to your venue’s space. The date “Unique Wedding Decor” will consist of a day rummaging through a flea market, garage sales, home decor or craft stores, and any other locations where you can become inspired or make purchases on items that are perfect for your big day!


1. Decide on your theme or concept for the party. Do you want a vintage/romantic style? Rustic? Modern? Bling/Crystals?
2. Go on Pinterest and start pinning to one board all the things that you see that will fit that theme. Pin anything that you find beautiful but stick to the theme. Pinterest has so many great ideas but having one central theme can make sure that your wedding decor stays focused and does not look like a whole bunch of cool things thrown together. You definitely want everything to have a purpose  (does not have to be super matchy-matchy but it does have to relate).
3. Make a list of items that will help bring your vision to life.
4. Decide on the places you will go for your date. Do you need vintage items – perhaps a flea market, rummage sale, or used/resale shop. Do you need fun signs or something large to use in the background? – same places or a Home Goods/Marsha/ls/TJ Maxx/Kirklands/Hobby Lobby or other craft stores could be included in that list. Just need some inspiration based off of what you have seen on Pinterest – same locations above but maybe check out some garage sales too. Some cities may even have wedding recycle sale days so be sure to do some research to see if any are in your area and plan the day accordingly.
5. When? Search for the flea market and rummage sale dates in the area. Look online or in the newspapers for garage sales. Search for resale shops to know their open days/hours. Schedule a date!

The Date: A Day of Browsing/Shopping/Getting Inspired

1. Head out early! Some of these places may have a little drive. Who doesn’t love a country drive to take your mind off things?! Grab some yummy coffee or beverage of your choice, some breakfast, and get out to the locations early. The early bird gets the worm or in your case, an awesome piece of decor.
2. Shopping with your fiancé can be a very enjoyable experience. Keep your goals in mind and discuss pricing along the way. Decide whether certain pieces are worth the splurge. Figure out if something in a particular shape could be perfect if you just spray painted or added something to it! Keep an open mind and let the creativity flow! There is something romantic about rummaging through old items or picking out perfect cute signs or items you may use on guest tables, your head table, or other areas in your venue space. It is certain that you will run into things that will make you laugh; so embrace these fun moments!
3. Take time to try out the local cuisine. Share some options and just enjoy this stress-free downtime!
4. After a long day of shopping/browsing/scoring some awesome decor, be sure to continue the stress-free day into the evening. Discuss your favorite moments of the day; how you each see using the items you purchased. Chat about how you could even use these items after the wedding in your home as a remembrance of this fun outing and a reminder of your wedding day.
5. Congrats! You have completed another task on your wedding checklist & you had fun! On to the next date!

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