DIY Centerpiece: Crystal Tree (with teal flowers)

DIY Centerpiece Crystal Tree - I couldn't believe how easy this was to make! Just 5 steps!


Items needed to create this crystal tree centerpiece:

Silver tree branches
12 inch x 4 inch cylinder vase
Teal flowers
15 strands of crystals
Silver bling ribbon
Teal satin ribbon
Dazzler rocks
White Led floralyte
Dashes Oasis Adhesive

Step 1

Attach ribbons to vase. First, attach the teal satin ribbon with double-sided adhesive tape (dashes are great!). Then, attach the silver bling ribbon below the teal ribbon.



Step 2

Make sure vase is empty. Turn on Led light and place in the middle, bottom of the vase. These floralytes usually give a strong light for 8-10 hrs. Add the dazzler rocks to the vase to fill to the bottom of the silver bling ribbon.

IMG_20160813_123530285 IMG_20160813_123603087 IMG_20160813_123820743

Step 3

Start adding the silver branches to the vase angling the bottom of the branch in a diagonal direction into the rocks. See how the tree comes together in the photos below (2 branches, then 4, 7 and so on).

IMG_20160813_123920145 IMG_20160813_123947640 IMG_20160813_124105716


Step 4

Add the flowers. These flowers were pulled off a branch/stem of flowers. You can do this in any color and have the same effect. If pulled off a stem of flowers, the flowers will have a whole in the middle which is where you slide the flower on to the branch. Scatter throughout for the best effect. This tree has 35 flowers but you can certainly do more or less for your desired look!

IMG_20160813_124224364_HDR IMG_20160813_124248506IMG_20160813_124956925

Step 5

Add the crystals. The crystal strands can be any length but I typically keep them to about 10 crystals per strand. Hang the metal piece on the branches. When adding the crystals, skip around adding some up high and some in the middle and low. I suggest using around 15 strands.

IMG_20160813_125017954_HDR IMG_20160813_125156898 IMG_20160813_125531481

Step 6

Place on mirror and admire the beautiful tree. There are MANY, MANY ways to create a fantastic crystal tree; different colored branches, different types and colors of flowers, bushels of flowers at the base, or hanging pearls instead of crystals. The options are limitless – how great are these crystal tree centerpieces!

IMG_20160813_125636053 f43f4e22fe4a3cb900bee52807d10e02 (1) crystal tree 1


 crystal tree 4crystal tree 2crystal tree 3

Where to buy these exact items to make this centerpieces:

  1. Silver Birch Branches (with Glitter) – Save On Crafts (last I checked – they were sold out. So if you can’t find them there then try here – Branches Wholesale)

  2. Dashes – Oasis Adhesive – Wholesale Floral (large roll)

  3. 12inch x 4inch Cylinder Vase – Wholesale Flowers & Supply (you can find all sizes that I use at this site. I buy locally but these prices are really good!)

  4. Teal Flower – Hobby Lobby (They have a 50% off sale every other week – wait for the sale!)

  5. Clear Acrylic Rocks – 100Candles (these are really nice, not as cheap as some, but look way better!)

  6. Bling Ribbon (silver) – 100Candles – I purchase this large wrap to save money and cut strips as needed. This ribbon is 10 rows for this centerpiece.

  7.  Crystal Garland – Event Decor Direct – I buy in bulk and then separate into strands (most affordable)

  8. Floralytes- 100Candles

  9. Mirror – 100Candles – I purchased locally at a store no longer in business but this website has great prices! They also have large square mirrors if you want to search for “mirrors”.


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