DIY Centerpiece – The Feather Ball

DIY Centerpiece - The Feather Ball. This is gorgeous!! So easy to make!!!

OK, this is what you will need! (Below you will find where to purchase them for great prices!!!)

IMG_20160301_081803574 (1)

Feather ball
Cylinder vase (20in x 4in vase shown). Place a handful or two of beads/rocks of your choice at the base of the vase.
Dash stickers (square) – OASIS® UGlu™ Adhesive
Strand of crystals
Hot glue gun
Large paperclip
Bling ribbon


Step 1

Take the Dash stickers and put them on the ends of the bling ribbon. Then attach to the top of the vase. The ribbon can overlap, but just make sure it it is level all the way around the vase and overlaps perfectly before securing it.

image 1

Step 2

Use the glue gun and put a good amount of hot glue on the end of the paper clip. Place the paperclip through the small opening at the base of the feather ball. The glue will help secure it for anything you attach to hang from it. You can add additional glue to the inside of the hole in the feather ball for additional support but usually not necessary.

image 2


Step 3

Attach crystal strand(s) to the paper clip in the feather ball. Then place feather ball on top of vase so that the crystal strand or strands dangle directly down the middle of the vase.
Add a mirror and candles or a floralyte for added elegance!


image 3


Pictures of alternative versions of this centerpiece on tables at weddings!

image 4


Best places and prices to purchase the items listed to make this centerpiece:

  1. Feather Ball – 16inch is shown in pictures – Event Decor Direct – Watch for sales!

  2. Dashes – Oasis Adhesive – Wholesale Floral (large roll)

  3. 20inch x 4inch Cylinder Vase – Modern Vase and Gift – Set of 6 for under $40 (insanely low price!)

  4. Crystal Garland – Event Decor Direct – I buy in bulk and then separate into strands (most affordable)

  5. Clear Acrylic Rocks – 100Candles (these are really nice, not as cheap as some, but look way better!)

  6. Bling Ribbon (silver) – 100Candles – I purchase this large wrap to save money and cut strips as needed. Mine are 5 rows thick.

  7. Candles – 100Candles or Floralytes to place under the rocks (available in many colors) – 100Candles

  8. Mirror – 100Candles – I purchased locally at a store no longer in business but this website has great prices! They also have large square mirrors if you want to search for “mirrors”.


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