DIY Centerpiece 4 Vase LED Calla Lily. Awesome Centerpiece - So easy to do! All items to buy are listed! Used the same items for my wedding centerpiece!

4vase 1

Items needed to create this centerpiece:

Purple calla lilies
20, 12, 10, 8 inch by 4 inch cylinder vases
Acrylic clear rocks
White led submersible floralytes
Silver bling ribbon (4)

Step 1

Add the rocks to the bottom.Turn on the floralytes. These should last a strong 12 hours and then continue to fade out over a few days. Place them under the rocks in the middle, bottom part of the vase.

4vase 3

Step 2

Add silver bling ribbon to the top of all the vases.

4vase 2





Step 3

Add the calla lilies. These are real touch flowers that look amazing in water! I always curve them around to soften the look. It gives it a spiral kind of look. Add these to the vase. If two are added to a vase (like the 20 inch one), twist up the one stem tighter and put that in first. Then do a loose spiral with the other calla lily and turn the flower as you add it to the vase so the stem curves around the first lily.

4vase 4





Step 4

Place the tallest vase in the middle of the mirror. Then place the three other vases on the outside of the tallest vase. See picture for visual. You can add water for a better glow with the floralytes or leave it without water – definitely not absolutely necessary.

4vase 5








Where to purchase these exact items to make this centerpiece:

Bling Ribbon (silver) – 100Candles – I purchase this large wrap to save money and cut strips as needed. Mine are 5 rows thick.

Dashes – Oasis Adhesive – Wholesale Floral (large roll) I use this to attach any ribbon to vases. Holds against water but can be removed without damaging the vase.

Vases – 100Candles (you can find the 8, 10, or 12 inch cylinder sizes that I use at this site. I buy locally but these prices are really good!)

20 x 4 inch cylinder vase – ModernVaseandGift

Clear Acrylic Rocks – 100Candles (these are really nice, not as cheap as some, but look way better!)

Submersible floralytes –  (available in many colors) – 100Candles

Purple Real-Touch Calla Lilies – Hobby Lobby (only $1 for each of these!!! 50% off every every week, wait for the sale!)

Mirror – 100Candles – I purchased locally at a store no longer in business but this website has great prices! They also have large square mirrors if you want to search for “mirrors”.

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