DIY Centerpiece: Gold & Mint, Flowers & Pearls

DIY Centerpiece Mint & Gold, Flowers & Pearls. Gorgeous - Mint is one of my colors!



Items needed to make this DIY centerpiece:Gold & Mint, Flowers & Pearls:

10 inch tall cylinder vase
8 inch tall cylinder vase
Wine bottle
Metallic spray paint
Pearls connected on fishing line (can be purchased)
White orchid stem
Mint flower stem
Gold Bling Ribbon (2)
Mint Ribbon (1)
Dazzler Rocks
Candles (3)
Dash stickers (square) – OASIS® UGlu™ Adhesive


Step 1
Drink a bottle of wine! (Yes, this is probably the best part!) Then (maybe a different day) spray paint the wine bottle with a metallic spray paint. I’d recommend two coats just to make sure it is completely covered.

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Step 2
Attach gold bling ribbon to top of 10 inch vase. Attach mint ribbon and then gold ribbon on top/centered to 8 inch vase. Use the dash stickers or a double sided tape that will hold up against water. Add rocks to both vases.

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Step 3
Pull off a few flowers from the stem to use in other vase. Take the connected pearls piece and attach to the flower of your choice (mint flower in this example). I just tied the fishing line to the top of the flower and weaved it around the flowers. Place flower in the vase where pearls and prettiest flowers are pointing outward toward your guests. Fill the vase with water up to the ribbon line. Place on mirror.

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Step 4
Place the white orchid flower in the 8 inch vase. Try to make sure all the flowers are straightened out facing guests. Arrange as needed to get the prettiest view. Fill vase with water to the ribbon line. Flowers that you pulled off from stem – take them completely a part – provides additional petals to use. Drop all petals into vase (about 6-7). Use a knife or utensil to position the petals in the vase (if you would like). Place on mirror.

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Step 5
Use another string of pearls to place half into the gold wine bottle so that the rest dangle on the outside of the vase. Place on mirror. Place the three candles at the intersection of the vases/bottle. Be sure to pull them a little bit away from the vases/bottle because otherwise it will leave a carbon/smoke line going up the vase/bottle (if too close). All done!

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Where to buy these exact items to make this centerpieces:

  1. Dashes – Oasis Adhesive – Wholesale Floral (large roll)

  2. Vases – 100Candles (you can find all sizes that I use at this site. I buy locally but these prices are really good!)

  3. White Orchid – JoAnn Fabric & Craft (I usually sign up for their email coupons and get this one coupon that is 20% off a total order – saving tons!)

  4. Mint Flower – Hobby Lobby (They have a 50% off sale every other week – wait for the sale!)

  5. Clear Acrylic Rocks – 100Candles (these are really nice, not as cheap as some, but look way better!)

  6. Bling Ribbon (gold) – 100Candles – I purchase this large wrap to save money and cut strips as needed. Mine are 5 rows thick.

  7. Satin Ribbon – Hobby Lobby (every other week 50% off)

  8. Pearls on fishing line – Hobby Lobby (every other week 50% off)

  9. Candles – 100Candles or Floralytes to place under the rocks (available in many colors) – 100Candles

  10. Mirror – 100Candles – I purchased locally at a store no longer in business but this website has great prices! They also have large square mirrors if you want to search for “mirrors”.


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