DIY Crystal Rose Ball

DIY Crystal Rose Ball - Just 3 EASY steps! Complete this gorgeous pomander in less than 30 mins!

Items needed to create this Crystal Rose Ball:

img_20160924_090112*Roses (dark red used in this DIY) (cut to length to use in styrofoam ball)
*3 inch styrofoam ball
*Crystal strands (5 of 7-crystals in length each
*Long crystal strand (30 crystals)
*Extra greenery stems to secure crystals

Step 1

Take the bush of roses and cut them to have about 1-2 inches worth of stem to stick into the styrofoam ball.Cut roughly 30 roses to complete the rose ball (depends on the size of your styrofoam ball and size of each rose). Start adding roses right next to each other in a middle ring around the ball. It took 9 roses to complete the ring in this DIY. Then add another ring adding roses right next to each other – be sure not to include spaces or they may be noticeable. Keep adding the roses to complete the first half and then go and do the same to the other half.

img_20160924_105133533 img_20160924_105333636 img_20160924_105402966 img_20160924_105645124

Step 2

Time to add the dangling crystals to the bottom of the flower ball. First take the leftover bush of stems and cut a 4 inch amount of stem to use to secure each crystal. There are 5 crystals in this DIY. Bend the 4 inch stem in half and this will be used to secure them. Attach one stand wherever you would like. Then from that center strand of crystals, attach each other crystal strand to be about one inch from the center strand. So one to the left and one to the right and one to the north and one too the south. Keep checking to make sure they hang correctly in the spot you desire.

img_20160924_105726458 img_20160924_105758550 img_20160924_105731635 img_20160924_105909986 img_20160924_110012245 img_20160924_110230232

Step 3

Add the long strand of 30 crystals to the center of the top of the rose ball. To do this hold the ball with the crystals dangling below. Select the most middle place at the top of the rose ball that is directly below the most middle dangling crystal strand and secure the strand to the styrofoam ball. Cut two additional pieces of stem for this attachment. Use one stem to initially secure the crystal strand (which is all connected creating a circle actually). Then use the 2nd stem piece to place over the first stem piece to add extra stability.

img_20160924_110529893 img_20160924_110558336 img_20160924_110659423 img_20160924_111040835

And… that’s it! How easy was that and HOW GORGEOUS is this pomander!


Items you can purchase to create this beautiful Crystal Rose Ball:

1. Crystal Garland – Event Decor Direct – I buy in bulk and then separate into strands (most affordable)

2. Burgundy Rose Buds (you can select any color here) – Hobby Lobby (On sale every other week for 50% off!)

3. Styrofoam Ball – Used a 3 inch ball for this DIY – Hobby Lobby (Use the 40% off coupon online!)

*No affiliate links in this post! Just love these stores and highly support them!

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