DIY Fresh Flower Failure! Tips For Ordering Fresh Flowers Online!

DIY Fresh Flower Failure! Tips For Ordering Fresh Flowers Online! I had no idea how much care is needed!!!

DIY Brides Buyer Beware!

Great to work with Flowers By Libby, LLC to create this post! The florist tells all when it comes to purchasing fresh flowers online and I could not agree with her more! It is definitely a risky bet to purchase fresh flowers (if you are not familiar with the care required!). Sure, it saves you money… BUT… Are you sure you want to take that bet on THE most important day of your life!?!?!

The Story

I was recently hired by a bride who made a pact with her 2 other family members that were also getting married this year. The plan was to order their fresh flowers online in bulk and have a DIY bouquet and arrangement making party for each wedding to keep costs down. Unfortunately, they were not aware of the care and process for fresh flowers or the steps that have to be taken in order for them to hydrate and stay fresh (for several days) until the wedding. Tragically, they learned this lesson for the first bride’s wedding. When the flowers arrived, they put them in water and within a day, half of the supply were already dead. In a panic, they took them to their local florist asking if they could bring them back to life. But, of course, that was not possible. In the end, it ended up costing them more in replacement flowers than if they would have just hired a florist to do everything.

Important Items to Consider:

1. Online bulk companies can be valuable, don’t get me wrong, but the care and process is very important.
2. Unfortunately, even when they arrive, you will not have the information of when the flowers were cut from the grower, how long they sat in a box in warm conditions on a truck, etc.
3. If you choose to do your own fresh flowers,please read the care process carefully. Professional florists take extremely detailed care of their flowers in order from them to look their best. Each flower is cleaned of excess leaves, inspected for quality cut, and put in a hydrating solution for long life.
4. The last few days before a wedding are extremely hectic so take this into consideration when purchasing a large undertaking of this DIY flower project.
5. It may be wise to first check out options that Florist provide – If you are upfront with your budget, it is likely that the florist can provide reasonable options for the look you desire. Don’t be afraid to meet with a few florists to make sure your ideas align with theirs.

It is important that you remember that trying out new skills like floral preservation and floral arranging is not something that will come naturally to everyone. What you see in pictures on Pinterest are people who have created these bouquets and centerpieces many times over; to perfect it and make it look very easy for the reader. The week before your wedding is not the best time to learn a new skill so do your research, test everything out, and make the best decision for your situation.


Picture of Bouquets in 1st photo: Bouquets designed by Flowers by Libby.  Photographer: Nine Zero Three Photography

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