DIY The Ring of Bling

DIY Ring of Bling Create this centerpiece in 4 super easy steps!!! Gorgeous way to add sparkle to your centerpiece!

DIY Ring of Bling 1

Items needed to create this:

Wire Cutters
Sink Strainer
(optional) Dash stickers (square) – OASIS® UGlu™ Adhesive
(Yep! That’s it!!!!)

Step 1

Take your wire cutters and remove all of the wire from the sink strainer. Please be careful – the wire is very sharp!

DIY Ring of Bling

Michaels Wedding

Step 2

Crystals – I usually by the crystals and a long roll (to try and save money!). These crystals are acrylic and super sparkly (very real looking!). They are very easy to separate to create any length that you desire. Typically for this Ring of Bling, I will count out 10 crystals and then separate from rest of roll. I will use about 8 strands of crystals to create a really fantastic ring of bling.

DIY Ring of Bling


Step 3

Use the metal piece to attach around the sink strainer ring. Once all 8 are attached, you are nearly done!

DIY Ring of Bling


Step 4

The ring is about 4 inches in diameter so a vase opening at about 4 inches is ideal for this. Just place the ring on top of vase and separate the crystals equally around the vase.
(optional) For a little support, you could attach some double sided tape/Dash stickers at a couple places on top of the vase and place the ring on top.
Add a flower ball, feather ball, or arrangement to top of the look!

DIY Ring of Bling


Best places and prices to purchase the items listed to make this centerpiece:

1. Crystal Garland – Event Decor Direct – I buy in bulk and then separate into strands (most affordable)
2. Wire Cutter – Michaels
3. Sink Strainer –Walmart ($.97!!! In Store Only!)

1. Dashes – Oasis Adhesive – Wholesale Floral (large roll)
2. Vase that is shown – 20inch x 4inch Cylinder Vase – Modern Vase and Gift – Set of 6 for under $40

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