Lies That Wedding Professionals Tell You

Lies That Wedding Professionals Tell You! I totally fell for #4! Should've read this!

Your wedding day is in the hands of the most qualified event professionals who may have worked with hundreds of brides before you. Most times, these professionals are really great and cater to your every request to bring your wedding vision to life. Unfortunately, just like every other industry, little white lies (or big, nasty ones) happen every day. Why would someone lie to you? Perhaps, it is to book a client, or to keep a bride smiling, or maybe, because they are not truly confident in their own services/product. Whatever the reason, certain lies can make the situation better or it can be a red flag to a deeper issue that you should definitely explore!

*** The “Good” Lies That Wedding Professionals Tell You! ***

1. Everything is looking great! Everything is under control! It is Perfect!

As a wedding professional, I absolutely always say this! It is my problem if certain people are late or something didn’t come in on time. You hired me and I will get it done… No matter what it may take! Hopefully, other vendors have the same approach (and believe me sometimes it takes many mistakes before perfection is hit but I strive to always get there as soon as possible!).

2. I have everything ready to go – every last detail is ready for your special day!

Again, yes! I have said this also! The last thing that we professionals would like to do is worry you! We have been through hundreds of events and know that a lot of things are out of our control. We plan for the best and then allow flexibility to make the adjustments needed to make sure everything turns out beautifully!

3. If you don’t book today, chances are your date and these services will not be available.

Some vendors may say this to lessen the decision time that a client may take. With some professionals, this might actually be true but most times you have a few days or so where no one will be rushing in to steal your date and items. Take note: great wedding professionals will book up very quickly. If you really like a wedding vendor, just book them to save yourself the hassle.

4. Yes! We have worked with that location/venue (many times!).

I have to admit to this one too! I understand that a client feels some amount of comfort knowing that a vendor has worked at their exact location. But… I have to be honest; most locations are all in the same or quite similar. Especially, if it is a hotel ballroom or a large event center! Most times the set-up, staff to work with, and process of it all is just the same. Most good vendors will sneak a peek at pictures online or even contact the venue at some point, just to make sure everything runs smoothly and to provide the best service possible. I do believe, unless a vendor suggests to meet at the location prior to the event, that the vendor will be comfortable in that space… even if they never stepped foot in the location.

***Then There Are The Lies That You Should Investigate Further…***

1. Sure! I can create that exact look from Pinterest!

As much as I love Pinterest, it can be a bit evil as well. Pinterest is a collection of magnificent photos. I mean really jaw-dropping stuff – am I right? Some of these photos appear to be of a wedding or some sort of celebration… but in reality some are staged for just a photo and that is all. Although, absolutely stunning some of these photos on these pins would not last through an entire wedding day/evening! So, while Pinterest can be a great inspirational tool, just know that it should inspire and not be exactly copycat. Some looks can nearly be duplicated – sure… but if you want an EXACT look, be sure to see the vendor’s interpretation of the EXACT look before booking them. I’m sure you have had the situation where you attempted a Pinterest (easy (ha! ha!) tutorial) and the masterpiece turned out to be a complete disaster. Just be weary of this!

2. There is no one else who will be able to create this/make this/give you this look!

I can see this happening because again, a vendor is trying to book you. It is likely that you can find quite a few vendors who can create a version of the look you want. If a vendor is using lines like this, he or she may be a little nervous that you may not book or just not confident in their work. Don’t write them off completely, just investigate further.

3. You will never get a better deal than this!

Could be true…. But maybe not! A lot of vendors will price match if it is the same product. If you have done your research and came to the appointment prepared, you could certainly counter with what you had discovered with other competitors in the area. You deserve the best price for the best quality and service!

4. (Bride/Groom arrives late to appointment) – Wedding professional says: “Oh! That’s OK that you did not call and are 45 minutes late! No problem!”

This wedding professional is absolutely lying! Like other professionals, wedding vendors will say things to try and move forward after a setback. Most people expect set appointments to start on time. Making a wedding vendor wait is considered rude and may hurt your chances of getting freebies or special deals from that point on. Some vendors may shake it off if they have open time that day, but most are trying to keep to a schedule and being late can really offend them. Just be on time and you won’t have to worry about this one! 🙂

So, if you hear any of these lies, just know the wedding professional probably doesn’t have wrongful intentions but it is always good to be cautious! This is definitely a VERY important day so you want to have the very best team of professionals on your side making sure it all comes together perfectly.


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