Trend Alert! Satellite Bars are All the Rage!

Trend Alert! Satellite Bars are All the Rage! Best trend! We are definitely doing signature drinks! Love this!

Creating the perfect satellite bar can add another level of excitement to your celebration!

Satellite bars or cocktail bars or signature drink bars, whatever you would like to call them,  are a trend that makes a big statement at a wedding. Picture this! Everyone at the reception enjoying themselves while carrying around one of a couple signature drinks chosen by the bride and groom.


The Drinks

Obviously, a bar isn’t a bar without the yummy drinks! Did you try the Blushing Bride? How about the Blueberry Mojito? The Golden Groom? A catchy name paired with fruit, an umbrella, or cute straw is sure to be a hit with guests. The signature cocktail, whether it be one option or three, should not only be drinks you love but also that you think your guests would enjoy. So choose wisely, because after all, you want your guests to drink them!

Why not tie the signature drinks into a theme or into your color scheme? For example, maybe, you are having a rustic/romantic themed wedding, how about using those mason jars as your glasses and choosing a Pink Whiskey cocktail? Or maybe, you have blue in your wedding colors. The photo above featuring the Blueberry Mojito would be an excellent choice to take your color scheme on step further!

Cheers! Glasses & Extras!


A style of glass can make a statement. Drink glasses can also be your guest’s wedding favor. You can personalize them through a number of wedding favor sites; including anything from stemless champagne and wine tumblers to pilsners, martini or cosPersonalized Party Straw Flags - Eat, Drink & Be Marriedmo cocktail glasses.

How about adding straw or flag with a message to style it up? These cute additions with have your guests in awe from such a low price. It is all in the details!


The Bar

Time to make the bar look fantastic! There are so many ways to dress up the bar. Pinterest  (I have pinned a few) is a great place to give you some ideas. There are pins even showing you how to build a bar if you don’t have that included at the venue. Some things you should include are a sign listing the drinks and some decor whether it be a banner, flower garland, simple centerpieces, or large letters of your initials. Don’t forget a fun bartender, but you might not have control over that one.

Advertise It!

You have the bar, the chosen drinks, and the stylish glass and accessories; now you need to advertise it! Guests usually want a drink right when they walk into the reception, so let them know about the signature drinks by creating some sort of display (right at the place card table) with the drink menu and an arrow. Also, have the DJ or band make an announcement. Lastly, make sure your wedding party and you and your groom are walking around with the special cocktails – who doesn’t want to drink what the newly weds are drinking!

Photography in Top Photo

  1. Via A Crimson Kiss
  2. Via Wedding Chicks Photographer – Jessica Lynn Studios
  3. Via Aisle Planner Photographer Kaysha Weiner


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