Selecting a Wedding Theme!

Selecting A Wedding Theme! So many to choose from but this made it easy to narrow it down! :)

Wedding themes are a great way to help bring your entire wedding into focus. They can be fun, romantic, glamorous, and silly – but one thing is sure… We Love Themes! Are you having a tough time narrowing down your options or want a theme but just can’t figure out what you want to do? Well, you are in luck!

Hear are some tips to help you settle on a theme!

1. Pinterest Board —-> Theme

Start pinning beautiful things to your Pinterest Board. Once you have 20-30 pins, take a look at the whole board and what do you see? Are there colors that tend to repeat? Certain styles that keep showing up? The pins that you are attracted to can tell you a lot about your preferred style and might even produce a theme for you.

2. Personal Touch

Were you engaged somewhere special? Did you have a special item that has been a significant part of your relationship? Do you have similar hobbies? Taking personal moments, items, and interests into consideration could certainly lead you to a theme for you wedding. Special locations or travel destinations, sports, hobbies, and movies are all ideas that can be turned into a fun and festive theme.

3. Time of Year

Seasons can help turn an idea into a theme. Right now, fall weddings with rich colors and rustic/romantic details are all the rage. Each season brings about a new set of colors and sentiments so it is very easy to fall in love with something reflecting the exciting seasons of Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.

4. Venue/Location

Are your having an outdoor wedding? Having the wedding at a vineyard? Historical Museum? Theatre? All of these locations may influence your decor and perhaps a theme for you wedding! Play into your location – It’s an easy way to bring the entire celebration together by just using the decor and structures around you!

5. Time Period

Do you love the Gatsby era? Have you fallen for vintage over and over again? Does the word Victorian make you swoon? Time period themes are amazing!. Most of the classic time periods will make the celebration unique and timeless! Do some research and see how you can add the details from a past time into your wedding day.

6. Colors

You may not at first consider this to be a theme but the combinations of colors that you choose certain could produce a common theme. For instance you love the mix of blues, greens and purples – much like of a peacock (theme!). You love natural tones – rustic or vintage may be a good bet for you. Bold colors (lots of them) – Bohemian is a fantastic time period theme. Colors can certain play into themes and everything in your celebration.

Check out some of the themed boards on our Pinterest Page!

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