Did You Know? Some Guests Will Not RSVP! (How Dare they!)

Did You Know? Some Guests Will Not RSVP (How Dare they!) These tips saved my sanity! Especially #2!

The RSVP date has arrived… But you have 30+ guests who have not responded!

Yes, it is true! There are usually quite a few guests who will not submit their RSVP by the listed date. How rude, right? Well, perhaps it’s not intentional. Maybe they forgot or they thought they had already sent it in. One can only hope it was innocent and not poor manners. Either way, this can have a big impact on your wedding! Whether if be the counts you need for your caterer/cuisine/beverages, the configuration of table seating, the amount of centerpieces needed, or even how many favors your will make or purchase; all of these are heavily effected by the number of guests who are attending your celebration. Fortunately, there are things you can do to combat this dilemma.

1. The RSVP Date is Crucial

This is the most important! Make sure when you are ordering your invites (or creating them) that the RSVP date be at least one month prior to your wedding. Earlier is even better!  This will allow a two-week window to take care of the non-respondents before the wedding professionals start hounding you for guest count numbers.

2. Using Social Media to Your Advantage

I am not suggesting that you send out a post on Facebook saying, “Guests invited to our wedding: Don’t forget to send in your RSVP.” This may offend those who were not invited to the wedding – Don’t do it!  I am simply encouraging you to contact your guests who have not responded through these other, more accessible, ways, For example, it would be acceptable to send a friendly (private) message to a guest reminding them of the RSVP date coming up and how excited you are to have your friends and family share in the special day.

Wedding websites are a popular choice for submitting the RSVP. It is quick, easy, and even eco-friendly. You can include this option of submitting their RSVP via the wedding website in the invitation. While this is convenient for most, I would not suggest it as your only option as you may have guests who are not as familiar with social media (aka great-aunt Barbara).

3. Pick Up the Phone

OK, so the RSVP date has arrived and you have 30 guests who have not responded. Talk with both sets of parents to decide who should make the calls to which guests. It might work better for your parents to contact the relatives you do not know as well, while you work on your close friends and co-workers. Divide and conquer and knock it out the calls the day after the RSVP date. This will allow a few days for the guests to call back with the response and then you will have your numbers ready for the wedding professionals.

4. Have a Back-Up Plan

And after the reminders and phone calls, unfortunately, you still may not have a response from a few stragglers. My guess is that these guests will not attend, but be sure to have a plan just in case you need to make room for a few people. Talk to your caterer about what he/she would suggest based off of your responses. Be sure there are a few open spots at a table or two. It may even help to assign someone in your bridal party to handle the situation if guests show up who do did not respond.

5. Lastly, breathe.

Don’t let this stressor consume you.  At this point, you are super close to your perfect, amazing day and a few non-respondents are not worth the headache.


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