Uplighting – Which Color is Right For You?

Uplighting: Which Color is Right For You? Blue is definitely the right color for my wedding!!!

Which color to choose in lighting for your reception?

Uplighting has been an ever-increasing trend in decor for events. It is an immediate mood-changer for any room. Lighting can make a large room feel more intimate, make ugly or boring walls now beautiful, and simply bring elegance to any party. We now we know uplighting is a must when it comes to making that wedding celebration pop. The only issue is choosing which color will give you the look and feel that you desire. I have grouped each of the colors to help explain how they change a room to help you make that decision.

Color: Red/Burgundy/Crimson

Reds are very bold colors to use in uplighting. I see this color most often chosen to go along with reds in the wedding colors (like bridesmaid dresses or tied into flowers). When entering a room of red, the feeling you get can be a sexy club vibe or even sophistication. It depends on how the lighting is used and the rest of the decor in the room. Also, this color combines well with orange and yellow/gold for a great fall, warm glow in the room.

Color: Orange/Coral/Pink

From my experience, coral would be the more popular orange-like choice. Coral took off in popularity a few years back. It is the new pink and the color itself brings happiness in a room. It’s a great accent color for any wall and ties well into the rest of the coral decor. A burnt orange color is a great choice for the fall receptions. Pink is always a popular color because it is a popular wedding accent color and brings a lot of happy light in a room.

pink uplighting








Color: Yellow/Gold

Like orange, yellow/gold are colors that warm a space. I tend to see these colors more in the fall season but gold has become increasingly popular in other months as well. Gold/Yellow can give a candlelight glow throughout the room, which in turn livens up the venue. It’s an excellent choice for a subtle impact that guests will certainly be talking about!

Color: Green

Green is definitely one of the least popular colors that I have seen. It’s a great on walls though and hope that it becomes more popular in the future. It brings a fresh, crisp glow to a room and is perfect for spring weddings.

green uplight







Color: Light Blue/Tiffany Blue/Turquoise

 These colors are very popular; again a crisp look but very dream-like. These are calm colors but bring a ton of elegance to any venue. These  colors are excellent choices for spring and summer weddings but also a perfect choice for a winter-wonderland theme as well. It is quite versatile and can be a color choice outside of your regular wedding colors.

Color: Blue/Dark Blue

This is by far the most popular uplighting color. It screams…PARTY! Dark blues make guests feel like they are in a club so it is an ideal choice for any party. It also seems to go with any decor and any wedding color (even if your wedding color is pink!). When all else fails, this is a great color to choose.

blue uplighting






Color: Purple

The last few years this color was very popular; as was the color purple in weddings in general. The color purple also gives the club feeling as well as adding energy to the room. An excellent choice that compliments most decor.

purple uplighting








Color: White

The white color is an LED white (slight blue tint). This is a great modern color to highlight a head table, cake area, or simply bring more light into a venue. This is a subtle way to add personality to a room.

Whatever the color you choose, you can’t go wrong. Uplighting is a must in venue decor! It is always good to discuss your plan with a lighting professional so they can make the best suggestions based off of your decor and vision. Bring on the color!

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