Wedding Items You Should Buy Used (and Save a Ton!)

Wedding Items You Should Buy Used (and Save a Ton!) Literally buying so many things from this list that are used - They are as good as new! Why didn't I think of that in the beginning?!?!

When it comes to saving money for a wedding, a very trendy and sensible approach is buying items used. Let’s face it, these wedding items have been used for one day! It only makes sense that certain things can still be in mint condition and used again!  Don’t blow the budget on new items when used is just as great!

Centerpieces Items

Centerpieces are the most popular items I see being resold by brides from their special day. This is fantastic news because unfortunately, buying these items brand new can really swell your budget. When you just add up the cost of vases, mirrors, and candles, you can easily be over $20 per table. Keep an eye out for these items and be flexible to using something different that might look equally stunning.

Popular items to find used: vases, bottles, ribbon, silk petals, silk/real touch flowers, branches, pom-poms, picture frames, candle holders, full centerpieces, signs, table numbers and holders, lanterns


Linen rentals are another added high cost when planning a wedding. You have the table-cloths, then an overlay, chair covers, sashes, napkins… it can go on and on; and so can your budget! If you are able to grab a few friends or recruit the venue’s employees to place the linens, try finding better deals by going with used.

Popular items to find used: Table runners, overlays, tablecloths, banners(head/sweetheart tables or displayed elsewhere), chair covers and sashes, curtains or hung draperies

Wedding Dresses

Vintage and lace couldn’t be more popular right now. Does your mom or grandmother still have their wedding dress? Perhaps, check it out to see if you can make it your own! If not, you can find hundreds of dresses being sold online that will fit your taste. The dress is only worn once and if cared for appropriately, it is basically new! Plus, buying it used allows you to spend a little more on alterations where you can literally create a one-of-a-kind dress! Don’t forget about your accessories!

Popular items to find used: wedding dresses, veils, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, head pieces, hair pins, shoes


These are items that are trending right now. I see these over and over again online on Facebook garage sales and wedding resale groups = savings! You even score some pretty great, one-of-a-kind homemade décor items that will can be a feature in your reception.

Popular items to find used: photo booth props/curtains/accessories, signs (inside/outside/vintage/DIY), cake and cupcake stands, lights (globe/cafe, christmas, LED, etc.), ceremony decor.

Places to find amazing deals on secondhand wedding items:

It goes without saying but there are some places where you can find treasures that will wow all of your guests! The internet and social media has afforded brides and grooms the opportunity to score some great finds but don’t forget about the old-school ways to locate these unique items.

Ruffled Blog
Once Wed (wedding dresses)
Wedding Recycle
Facebook – local wedding resale groups/pages (search in your city/region/metro area)
Local wedding recycle events (Advertised on FB)
Local garage Sales/flea markets

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